Saturday, November 10, 2012

"What a doll you are!"  This is my first Character Constructions Swap.  The swap was for fall themed dolls attached to an art tag.  I have no idea what the other people's dolls will look like.  Some of the people in this swap made 15 tags to swap.  I only made 5 because I work very slowly and I knew I could not do that many.  I have to thank Catherine Arnold for allowing me (and some others) to just swap 5 of them. 

Catherine Moore is the creator of Character Constructions.  These stamps are off the beaten path.  I like them because they are artsy and whimsical and very, very feminine.  If you like these stamps, you can find them and many more beautiful stamps at:


CathWren said...

Hello Kathy!

I received a stunning array of Fall Tags this week from Cathy Arnold. The generosity (thank you for including one for me) and the level of artistry is overwhelming. I had spent several mornings enjoying my breakfast while perusing the tags, but having the ability to see them up close is so much better. I love your choice of doll, one from my very first collection Inner Child, made it nostalgic for me. And, your exquisite hand-colored details are just lovely.

Thank you a million for being part of the collaborative and for sharing one of your fabulous doll tags with me.

Happy Holidays!


Reflections from the lake said...

Thank you, Catherine! I have always loved your stamps. Thanks for your kind words! And thanks for sharing your creativity with us all!