Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This face shaped card is my entry for Unity Stamp Company's World Card Making Day Challenge.  Although WCD is over, the challenge is open until October 20th.  This challenge was for a shaped card, and most of my cards are squares or rectangles!  I found a book I bought a blank altered book that had been shaped into a woman's face.  I traced the outline for the card.  I had difficulty figuring out how to make the layer, so I did it by hand.  A lot of mixed media art now includes some hand drawing or doodling in it so it's okay that it is not a perfect layer.  That's part of its charm.  I used the Brave Girl's stamp set on this one which has a lot of stamps suitable for journalling and art themed around becoming the woman that you are and growing into yourself.   When you are viewing this now, you are missing the best part because not all of the card would it.  I have much to learn about technology and need to find someone to teach me more things.  But if you click on this card, you will see the full entire card, which is a woman's face.  It's worth clicking on.   Enjoy!

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